An intuitive wallet app for all you token needs. Create a wallet in a few simple steps to try it out!

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Transfer Money Faster 💸

Transfers don’t have to be complicated. With a simple interface, DT offers all the power of the blockchain, and none of the clutter. Simply input an address and an amount, and you’re on your way! Stil to complicated? Don’t worry — you can add nicknames to addresses.

Your wallet is secure 🔒

We encrypt all the wallets and they remain encrypted — until they are accessed. Once a user is done making changes, such as transfering tokens, the wallet goes back to being encryped!

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We’ll guide the way 🤝

If you find a step confusing, just look for a little box with the most common question regarding that step. Inside is a little explanation helping you understand what’s going on!

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Works on any device 📱

No point in building a huge system if the users need huge screens to access it. DT fits well on the deivce of your choice, without compromising on the information we show you — it’s the system you’re used to, on all your devices.

Screenshots on various devices

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